Are you curious about us?

Tat's It! is a company that produces customized, non-toxic, temporary tattoos. We can help translate a logo, word, quote or any drawing into a non-toxic temporary tattoo which can be given out as a unique souvenir during any gathering or event. Application of these tattoos is simple so these will definitely be enjoyed by ones' patrons/ guests. 

We have recently mounted a local temporary tattoo line named Syndikit Creations. It aims to become a channel of self-expression of local artists by producing contemporary designed temporary tattoos. We are in a constant lookout for masterminds who will contribute in creating fun & quirky impermanent tattoos so if you have the passion & the talent, reach out to us! Our proposition is simple. The artist gets a cut for each tattoo piece sold. His/her name will be printed at the back too!

Talented Artists Onboard:

Pearl Choco @Snapperdoodles @Tinytreasuresph

Geli Balcruz @Gelibalcruz @Pluma_ph

Dale Dellosa @daleladale

Pia Cohamco @oldsoul_vintage

Oh and hey, we are also an authorized Tattly retailer! Look through our collections to see all available temporary tattoo designs!